Air tightness is more effective than insulating

Je kan beter de jas goed dicht doen

If you’re cold, you’re better off zipping up your jacket than putting on a new jacket.

The same applies to your home. The best way to save energy is to close the gaps in the shell of your home, making it air tight.

Fresh-r automatically refreshes the air and reuses the heat.

Healthy for your lungs, a breath of fresh air for the planet and your wallet.

Fresh-r is the world champion in ventilation

Siegel award 2018

According to the Passive House Institute, this ventilation solution is the best in the world

The independent Passiefhuis Instutuut studied the degree of comfort, integrated design and cost-effectiveness of various ventilation solutions. First prize went to Fresh-r.

View the jury’s report

(The jury’s report is in German and English)

Extremely well suited to renovating apartments

Voorbeeld Fresh-r installatie

Used by many housing corporations

The housing corporation’s apartments from the 1950s are overdue for renovation. Wall cavities are being improved and window frames are being replaced. With a combination of measures, a huge jump in energy label designations and grant levels is achievable. You don’t want to use the central ventilation channels because asbestos removal must be done there.

The illustration shows a residence in which the Fresh-r ventilates damp air away from the sanitary spaces, and brings fresh air to the living room and bedrooms with Forwards.

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