We make homes and offices healthy and comfortable with sustainable technology.

Our ambition is to be a leader in healthy, comfortable and energy-efficient buildings. With a top product, continuous development and excellent service for our customers.

Healthy air is rich in oxygen and low in dust. Essential for body and mind.

Comfort means having a pleasant level of humidity and preventing cold, drafts and moulds.

Sustainable technology does not waste energy; it is ready for European legislation, follows the Paris Agreement and complies with the principles of the circular economy.

The team

Woen van Andel (Founder)
Hans Arentsen (R&D)
Zowie Zijdemans (Software)
Sander Jannink (Operations & Logistics)
Coen Borren (Marketing & Sales)
Jeroen Cremer (Sales)

Fresh-r is a brand name registered by Vaventis BV, whose Chamber of Commerce number is 56671997.