We make homes and offices healthy and comfortable with sustainable technology.

Our ambition is to be a leader in healthy, comfortable and energy-efficient buildings. With a top product, continuous development and excellent service for our customers.

Healthy air is rich in oxygen and low in dust. Essential for body and mind.

Comfort means having a pleasant level of humidity and preventing cold, drafts and moulds.

Sustainable technology does not waste energy; it is ready for new European legislation, follows the Paris Agreement and complies with the principles of the circular economy.

The team

Joost van Andel (Founder)
Woen van Andel (Founder)
Jerom van Beuzekom (Founder)
Hans Arentsen (R&D)
Daniel Holmes (Operations and Logistics)
Edward Hissink (Marketing)
Godard van Beekhoff (Sales Nederland)
Coen Borren (Commerce)

Fresh-r is a brand name registered by Vaventis BV, whose Chamber of Commerce number is 56671997.