Vaventis, also known under the brand name of Fresh-r, deals carefully with the processing of your data. As a customer, you can be certain that Vaventis handles your data carefully and that the storage of your data is done securely. Below are the rules of the road that we use for your data. This Privacy Statement relates to all services provided by Vaventis. It explains what we do with your data and the choices you have in the use of this data.

For what purposes does Vaventis process information?


Vaventis processes your personal and traffic data in order to be able to provide products and services – e.g. handling requests, drawing up ventilation plans, quotes, installing, creating connections, invoicing and checking proper operation, handling any malfunction notifications or complaints. Processing the data is necessary for this.

Complying with legal obligations or at customers request

Vaventis is legally required to save your information – the so-called obligation of retention. In addition, we may need your information for the delivery of a service. If a technician makes a visit, this person is hired by Vaventis.

Length of retention of personal information

Vaventis saves your information only as long as is legally required and as necessary for substantiating the purposes for which your information is processed.

Registering and de-registering for messages

Vaventis customers can register and de-register at any time to receive an e-mail newsletter, for example.

What information does Vaventis process?

Vaventis processes its customers personal information and traffic data. This information is accessible to Vaventis employees or is processed under the supervision of these employees. If you obtained your Fresh-r from a reseller, then this reseller also has access to the necessary personal information that Vaventis processes. The reseller is also bound to this Privacy Statement and shall not act in contravention of this.

Personal information

Personal information is recorded whenever you order a product or service or whenever you contact Vaventis. This concerns such information as your name, address, telephone number, e-mail address and generally the floor plan or construction drawing of your accommodation and the intended ventilation plan. Once you have become a Vaventis customer, this personal information is also processed and enriched – for quotes, for example, or for installations, making connections, invoicing or checking proper operation and/or resolving malfunctions.

Traffic information

The traffic information, i.e., the data that the Fresh-r measures to manage the ventilation in the accommodation(s) and provide you insight into the working of your Fresh-r, can be used to improve the operation of the Fresh-r. If you don’t wish to have this happen, you can indicate this by sending an e-mail to

Insight into and correction of your personal data

As a customer of Vaventis, you have a right to insights and to correcting the personal data that Vaventis has processed about you. You can request the insight and correction simply by mail. In your letter, please indicate your name, address and telephone number and send these, together with a copy of your valid ID, to Vaventis bv, Amersfoortsestraatweg 117, 1251 AV, Laren.

Data Protection Board

Vaventis has registered its processing of personal data with the Data Protection Board(Dutch: College bescherming persoonsgegevens – CBP). The associated notification number is FG007475.

Questions or comments? Please contact:

We trust that this Privacy Statement has provided you with insight into the way in which Vaventis deals with your information. Do you have any questions about this privacy statement? Or would you care to know more about Vaventis information-processing? Then please contact Vaventis via info[at]