How healthy is the air in your home?

Fresh-r gives realtime insight into performance

Fresh-r continuously measures the quality of the air in your home

Healthy air has lots of oxygen and very little CO2 or contamination. The Fresh-r web app shows this. If oxygen levels decrease or humidity levels increase, ventilation starts. Fresh-r ventilates without loss of heat. The web app also shows you the amount of energy saved.

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Designed not to be noticed

Fresh-r achter het behang

All well and good that Fresh-r uses intelligent sensors and controls to recover heat and keep the air healthy, but I prefer not to have to notice it.

Fresh-r fits behind the wallpaper

Once it’s been installed, you need not notice the Fresh-r at all. It works automatically. Since incoming air is warmed up, you no longer feel cold drafts and, at a distance, you don’t hear the fans.

What you do notice are the savings on your energy bill.

Show what’s happening behind the wallpaper

Free ventilation plan


Good ventilation keeps the air healthy and your house free of moulds

Want clean, oxygen-rich air in your home? And absolutely no mould? Or do you want your home to be ‘Paris-proof’? Then send us your floor plan via info[at] or by using the form below. We’ll send you a ventilation plan within a week. No obligation at all.

Or feel free to call with questions +31 88 818 2600.

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