You don’t need to generate energy that you don’t lose

Fresh-r is like a breathing window; stale air is blown out, fresh-r air goes in and the warmth stays inside.

Fresh-r is like a breathing window

It keeps warm air in and fresh at the same time. In the summer it works the other way around. Then, cool air is kept inside. The Fresh-r fits into the wall or window frame and doesn’t take up space.

The Fresh-r can also be placed against the wall, requiring only two 160 mm holes. During renovation, the front surface of the cavity wall can be sawn out and the entire unit then sits in the cavity. The unit is built-in beforehand in prefab walls or frames.

Even when it’s freezing outside, Fresh-r continues to work well. This keeps heat demand much lower, allowing for the installation of a smaller heat pump or less infrared heating on the road toward heating without gas and energy neutrality.

Unique copper core

Unieke koperen kern

Unparalleled thermal efficiency

A heat exchanger of finely woven copper wire makes Fresh-r compact and efficient. Because copper conducts heat 1000x better than plastic, the material from which other heat exchangers are made.

Outgoing and incoming air never touch each other. Nonetheless, heat is transferred from one to the other. This takes place by means of extremely fine copper wire. Heat flows from warm to cold; with copper, this happens with a heat transfer coefficient of 400 W/mK. So the Fresh-r heat exchanger is extremely effective. The results of this is that the heat exchanger is compact, the fans use less energy, work as demand-driven and are quieter then other ventilators with heat exchangers. In this manner, the Fresh-r device sits in or on the exterior wall or in the window frame without bothering the residents.

Problem homes, with moisture, moulds, drafts, odours can be addressed while inhabited due to no-mess installation within a day and a half. During major maintenance or renovation, the Fresh-r makes one or more energy-label jumps possible, possibly in combination with closing gaps or simple installation.

Fresh-r is the only de-central ventilation with heat recovery certified by Passiefhuis; it complies with BENG standards and has a statement of equivalence for the (Dutch) Construction Act.

An essential innovation for the energy transition

Fresh-r systeem in delen

Intelligent technology that keeps homes healthy without wasting energy

The Fresh-r consists of a box structure with two ventilators blowing in opposite directions. With intelligent sensor and control technology that reuses heat in the winter and cool air in the summer. Keeps buildings comfortable and air healthy without losing energy. Demand-driven and balanced ventilation that sits in the façade.

  1. Heat exchanger with copper core.
  2. Particulars filter keeps pollen and dust out (optional).
  3. Air quality is monitored by the CO2 sensor and the humidity sensor.
  4. Fans refresh the interior air as necessary, with a capacity of 120 m³ per hour.
  5. The Wi-Fi antenna sends the collected data for online insight into performance.
  6. Fits in an air vent duct in sanitary spaces (a maximum of 10 meter Ø125 mm) to enable cascade ventilation.
  7. Wooden frame for easy mounting during installation.

Want to experience a Fresh-r installation?

Experience the installation of a Fresh-r in two hours?

Fresh-r is ideal for keeping apartments healthy and free of moulds; it is so energy-efficient that it is well suited to passive construction and living without gas.

It’s also easy to install and to maintain. Here is a film about how to install Fresh-r.

Want to experience an installation yourself first? Then please call +31 88 818 2600 or schedule an appointment by filling in the fields below.

This video explains how to install a Fresh-r

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