Fresh-r ensures that it’s comfortable inside with demand-driven ventilation and particulate filtration without drafts and with less noise from outside.

You only notice how fine a comfortable house is by its absence. Things mustn’t be too cold or too warm. Preferably no noise from outside or hum from devices. Preferably no drafts and certainly no odours. What do you do if these things are bothering you? Sure, you can open the window, but not if it’s raining, cold or windy. At those times, ventilation is a godsend. But that also causes drafts. Fresh-r does not create drafts. You barely notice the air that comes in via a Fresh-r because it’s already warm.

Humidity also determines the comfort level of your interior climate. Air that is too humid is dank and causes moulds. Air that is too dry can result in dry throats, skin and eyes and increases the risk of flu and colds. Thanks to the humidity sensor, Fresh-r ensures that the air in your home is neither too humid nor too dry.