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Explore the unparalleled ventilation with heat recovery that provides insulated homes with healthy fresh air, monitors CO2 and humidity, and ventilates these when necessary, without wasting energy. Ready for zero energy homes.

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The cause

In the global quest to use less energy, homes are finally becoming thermally efficient.

The improved insulation in renovated and new homes keeps warmth in to save energy, but also keeps fresh air out. The indoor atmosphere becomes stale, because humidity and CO2 levels rise, which is undesirable for the building and unhealthy for the inhabitants.

This can resolved by a mechanical heat recovery ventilator (HRV), also known as mechanical ventilation heat recovery (MVHR).

Copper Core

The fresh-r® has a copper heat exchanger, as opposed to plastic, the material other heat exchangers are made of. Copper conducts heat thousand times better than plastic, therefore it needs less pressure and in turn less power, so it makes less sound and uses less energy.

Least costs per m3

Great for refurbishment because it fits in, or on, the outside wall, minimizing the use of ducts, making it very easy to install and maintain. According to international Passive House jury the least cost per cubic meter fresh air for refurbishments.
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Demand controlled

fresh-r® only ventilates when needed, with the power needed, because of it has a CO2 sensor. This obviously costs a lot less energy than continuous ventilation. You don’t have to take our word for it. It is wifi-connected see what it is doing and what it has done.




No supply ducts creates more living space and keeps planning and installation basic.

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All hardware is provided for simple and complete installation, no supply duct required.

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Indoor air quality is continuously improved at optimum efficiency.

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