Breathe in, breathe out

Passive House certified

Fresh-r is Passive House certified. That means is able to keep your home mould free by maintaining effective and appropriate ventilation with heat recovery at all times.

Moreover, it is award-winning. According to the International Passive House panel, because it is the cheapest ventilation with heat recovery per cubic meter for energy retrofits. 

You can find the jury report here:

Fresh-r Everywhere

The Fresh-r Everywhere allows you to take care of the air in different rooms using cascaded ventilation with one unit. Cascaded ventilation can be created throughout your home by attaching an extract duct to the Fresh-r ventilation with heat recovery unit. Air is extracted from an isolated room (such as a bathroom) whilst fresh air flows in from outside, without going through any ducts. To do this properly does require some experience. Do you want us to make a Fresh-r Everywhere ventilation plan for you? Please send the plan of your home to For more information can Daniel Holmes om +31 6 82 08 50 77 .
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