Breathe in, breathe out

How does Fresh-r work?

Fresh-r keeps the air clean and at the right temperature at the same time, without wasting energy. By constantly measuring CO2 and humidity, Fresh-r ventilates when necessary prevents stuffiness and mould. As it ventilates it returns the heat from the outgoing air to the incoming fresh air. In this way practically no heat is lost and more than 90 percent of the energy needed for heating can be saved. The space you need for a healthy and comfortable indoor climate fits behind the wallpaper: the device is placed in the outer wall.

  1. C02 sensor measures whether the inside air is fresh and healthy.
  2. H20 sensor measures humidity to prevent mould.
  3. Ventilators refresh the indoor air when necessary, with a capacity of 120 m3 per hour.
  4. Heat exchanger with fine copper wire transfers heat from outgoing stale air to incoming fresh air.
  5. Airflow guides guide the air from outside to inside and vice versa through the heat exchanger without touching one another.
  6. Thermometers measure the outside temperature and that of the outgoing and incoming air.
  7. Wifi antenna sends collected data, for online insight into performance.
  8. Allergy filter keeps pollen and particulates out.
  9. Wooden frame for easy mounting during installation.