Are you our Number One Reason?

Homes are finally becoming thermally efficient. The improved insulation in renovated and new homes keeps warmth in to save energy, but also keeps fresh air out. The indoor atmosphere becomes stale, because CO2 levels rise, which is undesirable and unhealthy.

Fresh-r® lets fresh air in and keeps the chill out, for an indoor atmosphere that makes people feel good, with the best performing decentral heat recovery ventilators available.

5 great reasons to choose and use fresh-r®, again and again:

  1. Fresh-r® is available in Germany, UK and Ireland, where they are represented by best-in-class partners who have a proven track-record in sustainable housing development.
  2. Unparalleled performance with a capacity of 120m3 per hour, made possible by the patented heat exchanger, because the ultrafine copper wire recovers heat efficiently while letting air pass easily and quickly, enabling high capacity ventilation with minimal power and corresponding sound.
  3. A fresh-r® is smart, because it constantly measures air quality and only ventilates when necessary
  4. Fresh-r® is currently offering three types of decentral Heat Recovery Ventilator (HRV): the fresh-r® external-vent, the fresh-r® in-the-wall and the fresh-r® on-the-wall. And fresh-r® everywhere®, that fits on all three products, for cascaded ventilation.
  5. Fresh-r® is proud to be Passive House certified and is committed to a transition from a linear to a circular economy.

We are looking for partners that want to be the number one reason why people choose fresh-r® heat recovery ventilation.

We are looking for sales partners in Gemany, Netherlands, UK, and Ireland that want to make fresh-r® known, and available to inhabitants, home and estate owners and developers, architects and other specifiers, contractors, subcontractors and installers who are biased towards a healthy and sustainable lifestyle and not afraid to implement innovation.

  • Are you active and well connected in Passive House community?
  • Do you believe in the benefits of decentral HRVs?
  • Do you understand the superiority of fresh-r® compared to alternative HRV systems?
  • Are you looking for an innovative product in the field of sustainable renovations and building? Then we are interested in setting up a partnership, where you can expect sales support at project level, and professional marketing materials. We expect serious sales, based on a sound plan, from lead generation to customer care.

If you are interested to learn more, contact us for more information.