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Fresh-r technology

Our fine wire copper core heat exchanger is what makes the Fresh-r unique. Outgoing and incoming air never touch each other, yet warmth is transferred from the expelled stale air, to the incoming fresh air, with fine copper wire. Since copper conducts heat 1000 times better than plastic, which is the conventional conductive material in other heat exchangers, it allows the Fresh-r heat exchanger to be both compact and effective. 

The copper mesh at the core of the heat exchanger, the Fiwihex, is patented world wide. 

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Fresh-r In-The-Wall

The Fresh-r In-The-Wall is a decentral ventilation unit with heat recovery. It takes heat from the stale air it expels and uses it to warm up the fresh air it brings in from outside. The Fresh-r In-The-Wall is specially designed for new build, it is integrated in the wall and has a flush door with the wall. No ducting is needed for this unit, which makes installation easier than a conventional HRV system. The Fresh-r improves air quality for a healthy indoor air quality and at the same time reduces your energy bill. The Fresh-r is equipped with CO², RH and temperature sensors and has an intelligent control system and other than conventional HRV’s the fresh-r also works efficient at sub-zero temperatures. Each unit is delivered complete with all fixtures and fittings required for the installation. As an optional extra the Fresh-r can be supplied with a fine dust filter against pollen and diesel particulates.
£1,987.65 excl tax