Breathe in, breathe out

Fresh-r office

People feel good when they are outside.

Fresh air does people good. And the opposite makes people feel bad. So if you want to people to feel good in your office, make sure the air is fresh.

Good air quality is of vital importance. Various scientific studies have shown that the quality of the indoor climate has a direct influence on health and performance. Within many office spaces, the CO2 content in the air becomes too high during the work day and that can lead to health problems such as headaches and fatigue.

Employers benefit from a good indoor climate

Being able to do your work in a fresh environment is important. You know you feel better in fresh air outside, than in a stuffy meeting room. Employees are the key asset of a company, they make the difference. They earn the money. If they feel good they will perform better. On average, employees cost about  € 3,000 per year for sick leave. If you create an environment in the office where employees can function well and who do not have to deal with all sorts of physical complaints, these costs can be significantly reduced.

Poor air quality influences health

Harvard University has been researching indoor climate for more than twelve years. It is becoming increasingly clear that the quality of the indoor air has a significant of effect on your health, the immune system and the cognitive ability. For example, we may be more likely to attribute to headaches to working too long, or stress, than to poor air quality. Harvard has carried out a number of tests on groups of subjects who were placed in rooms with varying air quality. People in a room with a CO2 content below 800 ppm (parts per million) functioned normally, but in people with the worst air quality, those with a CO2 content above 2000 ppm, the ability of making good decisions reduced with a whopping 94%.>

Fresh-r keeps indoor air clean

Fresh-r is easy to install on a wall or in a window frame. It keeps track of the air quality, which you can always read on any digital device. The CO2 controlled ventilation also ensures that the air that comes in is almost as warm as the indoor air. If you install this system, you will get plenty of fresh air. You can of course open the window, but then some employees will complain about the draught, or noise coming from outside. And you get a higher energy bill. Fresh-r functions as a breathing window, with the big advantage is that you do not experience a draught and it is better for the environment.

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Air quality check

Fresh-r measures the air quality at your office for a week. Fresh-r installs a CO2 meter. It measures the air quality for a week. The results are visible in an online dashboard. At the end of te week you receive a report of the CO2 levels in your office.
£28.80 excl tax £144.01 excl tax

Fresh-r Window Pane

The Fresh-r Window-Panel is a decentral ventilation unit with heat recovery that fits in a window pane. Very suitable for offices and energy refurbishments The Fresh-r improves air quality and at the same time reduces your energy bill. The Fresh-r is responsive because of its CO², RH and temperature sensors. In the summer ik keeps the heat out, in winter the heat in, also at sub-zero temperatures. Each unit is delivered complete with all fixtures and fittings required for the installation. As an optional extra the Fresh-r can be supplied with a fine particle filter against pollen, fine dust and diesel particulates.
£1,963.80 excl tax

Fresh-r On-the-Wall

The Fresh-r On-the-Wall is a decentral ventilation unit with heat recovery. It uses heat from the stale air going out, to warm up the fresh air it brings in from outside. The Fresh-r On-the-Wall is specially suitable for refurbishments. No ducting is needed for this unit, which makes installation a lit easier than a conventional HRV system. Each unit is delivered complete with all fixtures and fittings required for the installation. As an optional extra this Fresh-r can be supplied with a fine particle filter against pollen and diesel particulates.
£1,963.80 excl tax