Unparalleled performance
because of it’s copper core

The worldwide patented heat exchanger combined with the intelligent control unit measuring temperature, humidity and CO2 delivers outstanding results.



Optimal thermal efficiency because heat exchanger is made of copper, that conducts heat thousand times better than plastic, the material other heat exchangers are made of.


Ventilates when needed, with the power needed, because of it has a CO2 sensor; this obviously costs a lot less energy than continuous ventilation.


Great for refurbishment because it fits in, or on, the outside wall, minimizing the use of ducts, making it easy to install and maintain.


Nice to know for architects: the on-the-wall fresh-r® is half the size of a Tesla Powerwall. The in-the-wall fresh-r® uses no space at all, it fits into the wall.


According to international Passive House jury the least cost per cubic meter fresh air for refurbishments.


Wifi-connected, for insight and control of temperature, humidity, CO2 and m3 fresh air ventilated. To learn from and for reassurance and safety.


5 years warranty, if data is shared.